If we follow the bulk of the architectural publications, other than theoretical, they stress the image of what is built. Indeed, at times not listed or planes in the magazines. Skins and Buildings and Buildings & Light are part, in fact the first two volumes of an encyclopedia that aims to describe the work of the office, more than 150 buildings constructed during these first 25 years of life, analyzed from the point of view of the constructions details. Thus, the theme of the facades or light (which we have included stairs and vertical communication buildings, they are still machines that make the light to enter buildings) disengaged some of our achievements . In order to not lose the work unit the books are explained in full, because we don┬┤t want the books to be a mere collection of information, without understanding the context in which they are generated. The books are divided into three chapters: Buildings & light in Skylights – skylight / Window-glass facades / and shield, engraved tiles and other glass, while Skins is divided into Buildings Stone, brick, plaster / The double skins / and Treating with history.

Building and Light