The facilities of CERN (acronym of the Center Europ├ęen de la Recherche Nucl├ęaire) occupy nine municipalities divided between Switzerland and France, on land that was given to them, after the Second World War, to investigate the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. CERN reports directly to the European Economic Community and it is financed by its member states. The project of the 774 that presents this book arises within an experimental operation that pretended to open the doors to members of other countries that, normally, do not work for the CERN and lodges the direction of the organization (of the French side), administrative uses and laboratories that control the nuclear particle accelerators of the European Union. The building try to reinterpret the atomic nature of matter from its form. It is funny how the project lasted two years, the work another two and it took us two more years to make the book. With texts by Rolf-Dieter Heuer, the Director of CERN, Jorge Wagensberg, Richard Ingersoll and the authors of the building, Francesco Soppelsa and Octavio Mestre. Photography by Jordi Bernad├│. .