Llambi is the best company I know in terms of design and manufacture of solar protection and control slats. Sustentable before the term was created, betting on the abstraction that is at the base of the Modern Movement, they have worked for some of the best European architects since the sixties in which they began their collaboration with Coderch de Setmenat. Originally, in wood, they have touched all the materials: aluminium, concrete, iron or PVC. The great thing about Llambi is to have made each project a research unit looking for always-different solutions.

Fruit of the crisis of the sector after in 2007, Llambi disappears as such it was integrated into the structure of another great company friend, Gradhermetic and its interest was to have a book that collects all its history. I know how to make books … The book was made in the office in a work that lasted three years. Llambi did not want to charge me the blinds from my Tamariu house, claiming that they were prototypes and the prototypes were not paid. We did not want to charge anything in our work, because we did not make a book but the model of a book. It exists in bilingual edition (Spanish / English and French / English). With a prologue by Anne Coste.