Octavio Mestre Aramendia, born in Lérida in 1960 was awarded the Extraordinary Spanish Prize for achievement at Secondary School in 1976, and the title of architect at the School of Architecture of Barcelona in June 85, with overall best mark (9). As student he worked in the offices of Coderch de Sentmenat (1980-83) and Enric Miralles (1984-85). After finishing University he has had different scholarships in Holland (Rjselmeer Polders, with Teum Koolhaas), Siena (ILAUD 83, with Giancarlo de Carlo, Ralph Erskine and the Smithson, Yugoeslavia (IAESTE 85) and Paris, winning the first price in the International Price of Town Planning in the “Atelier d´été de Cergy” in 1985. Research teacher in the Department of Modern Architectural History at the Barcelona School of Architecture 1983-88, he has organized exhibitions in many countries on various subjects (Le Corbusier, Russian Avantgardes, etc,) and he has edited many of the resultant catalogues and books.
Correspondent of the “Revista Nacional de Arquitectura” (Spanish National Magazine) in Barcelona, from 1987 to 1991 and correspondent for Spain, too, of A.M.C. (Editions du Moniteur / Electa) from 1988, he has published many articles in specific magazines like “AB” and “Quaderns” -COAC-, D´A, ON, Arquitectura Viva and AV -Spain-, Architécti -Portugal-, Abitare and Domus -Italy-, Architecture d´aujourd´hui and Urbanisme -Francia-, and many newspapers like “El País”, “La Vanguardia”, “Punt Diari” and “Diario de Mallorca”. He colaborated in the great exhibition on the catalan architect Coderch de Sentmenat (1988). Member of the “Les Editions du Demi Cercle” and consultant of the “Planeta Edtions”, he assisted with the Bienal of Architecture in Barcelona 1991, with Carlos Ferrater.
From 1987 to 1990 he was an architect in the Town Hall of Barcelona, working in the “Unitat Operativa de Planejament” (Town Planning Department), responsible amongst other things, for publications regarding Urban Design. He has participated in many international congresses, giving more than 300 lectures about Barcelona and receiving the official visiting politicians, Developers and Architectural Schools. In September 1990 he left the Town Hall to devote his time fully to his private practice.
Faculty Member in the Rhode Island School of Design (R.I.S.D.) during the “Spring Semester” 1994, he gave many lectures of his own work in different Universities all over United States (Rhode Island, Tolane -New Orleans- etc.). Lectures and workshops in Naples, Milan and Catanzaro (Italy), Lisbon and Oporto Schools of Architecture (Portugal), London, Stoke on Trend and Birmingham (UK), Genève (Switzerland), Paris, Toulouse, Montpellier and Grenoble (France), Aguascalientes and DF (Mexico) and Madrid, Seville, San Sebastian or Barcelona (Spain).
Exhibition of his own work in the AJAC (Young Catalan Architects Association (1994) at the Colegio de Arquitectos. Faculty Member of the School of Architecture of the UIC “International University of Catalunya” (1996-2003). Faculty Member in ELISAVA (1998-2010) teaching several subjects: “Islamic and Oriental Architecture”, “Interior Design”, “Design of Public Spaces” and “Design of the environment for working spaces” on a Master Program on Offices building and shops design. Visiting Lecturer in Montpellier (France) and in the Bojano (Italy) summer workshops (2.007-2.010).
His works has been published many times in different magazines. His last two monographic books are “Octavio Mestre, living and working spaces” published by the Institute Monsa and showing together 40 of his projects and “Sunlight houses”.He speaks Spanish, Catalan, French, English and Italian fluently and he is currently completing his Doctoral Thesis about the introduction of the Modern Architecture to the Balearic Islands.
In 2010 joins other 4 offices in Barcelona and found the GAB, Barcelona Architects Group, in order to do contests and develop projects in other countries.