The Montpellier School of Architecture (France), under the tutelage of Nicolas Cr├ęgut,devotes part of the 2nd year of the course of projects to study single-family homes with an architect, in a monograph, having chosen to Campo Baeza, Siza Vieira, Souto de Moura and Mendes da Rocha in the previous editions. Students redraw the selected architect, analyze and make scale models detachable 1 / 50, to understand the mechanisms of the project and a certain way of thinking about architecture. In 2008 devoted a monographic study of our single-family homes, a course we called “Sunlight Houses” and which today lends its name to this book. The title made reference to that other book by Le Corbusier (When the Cathedrals were White) and the Tom Wolfe’s chapter from From Bauhaus to Our House in which he describes the arrival of the modern architects from Central Europe to America in the 40’s as the arrival of the “the white gods”, and he backs a color which is the very essence of the light now being threatened by those in the government who prefer to vindicate earth tones in order to “integrate architecture into a certain neo-rural context”. The book has been published by the Monsa Institute Press Book house, is a monographic issue that shows the working progress by Octavio Mestre, architects and associates.