CERN 3862

At CERN each building has its own number.

As a result of a larger order, the 774 building, that homes the Headquarters of the French part of the CERN and through the BOMA engineering, now called BAC, which has been approved as external consultant, the building projected nº 3862 (at CERN each building has its own number) will house offices and stores of an adjoining building to which it is attached. It was a no architectural building as we were told, but clearly there are no architectural buildings, if they have not architects who care for them.

The building is resolved at the level of skin with a metal plate and a single prototype window, except in the meeting room, staircase and the access door, intending to cut costs although their respective random position gives the set a certain vibration. The third floor is raised unused in anticipation of future growth.

Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Arch. Co-author: Francesco Soppelsa
Arch. Coll: Guillermo Díaz
Year: 2014 – 2015
Surface: 1.200 m²
Promoter: CERN

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