House in Tamariu

The house reads as a single white volume which emerges amidst the pines and rises above the landscape.

The house, designed for the architect’s own family on steeply-sloped terrain above the sea, takes the most leeway possible in the building code to define where we situate the ground floor. The house is arranged in four levels, while the code allows only for two floors, but always within the volumetry that Code permits.

The house is barely a parallelepiped, a container, the “cube that works” which so defended Le Corbusier. The bedrooms are “buried” below the large volume which acts as both dining room and kitchen (110 m² and nearly five meters of open height), because as De La Sota would say, what is closest to death but sleep? The bottom half of the house is lined in oxidised corten steel, whose terraces are paved with quartzite, also oxidised, to camouflage them into the terrain.

Location: Tamariu, Spain
Arch. Coll: Josep Ribas

Albert Lluch

Francesco Soppelsa

Year: 2004 – 2007
Surface: 250 m²
Promoter: Private
Constructer: Copaiba

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