Single-family dwelling in Valldoreix

A dwelling with a cascading effect.

Third of a series, in which we can highlight the inversion of the bedrooms, located on the ground floor in full contact with the garden, while the dining room is set on the second floor to gain a view over the hedges that enclose the parcel. The dwelling has a cascading effect, with each floor having a terrace over the level below, thus heightening a certain nautical look (much-desired by the modern in the historic avant-garde) reinforcing the image of the whole building. The structure used for parking and the volumetry of the house are joined together to create a porch that welcomes us in, next to the remarkably large doubled-space opening protected by a wooden lattice. The obliged separation of property lines allows for the creation of a service strip in the back.

Location: Valldoreix, Spain
Arch. Coll.:

L. Machicao

E. López

Year: 1998 – 2001
Surface: 341 m²
Promoter: Mr. and Mrs. Lecha Navarro
Builder: Construcciones Cresp

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