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Architecture from confinement

The College of Architects invited a whole series of architects to write about the meaning of the pandemic and the importance of architecture to face it (architecture is still a third skin with which to protect ourselves, where to take shelter… They based their discourse on the world of the domestic, others on the need for intermediate spaces, others on how to introduce green into our environments in search of healthy spaces, orthodox in sociology, others in the architecture that would come, in the a good distance to keep … from which I deduced that against the mantra that the pandemic affects us all (truth), that in the face of the pandemic, all fools are equal (a lie), each one, according to their means and social position, the affront of very Different form It is not the same to confine yourself in a house with a garden and sea views than in a 50 flat on the outskirts of a big city, with 6 being a family.

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