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We have made the headquarters of Inmobiliaria Colonial and, for them, half a dozen rental office buildings, several Regional Government Offices (the Labor Department and the Territorial Relations Department), the Mutua Madrileña headquarters in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the headquarters of the Provincial Council (Diputacion), Prosegur and, the last one, the Levante Capital headquarters, in a cataloged Modernist building of its property… As well as many other offices in the Mapfre Tower, law firms and various interior designs… But, the truth is that one is not a specialist in anything. One simply tries to respond to the problems posed by the client, without prejudice, with the greatest humility, but also with the deepest conviction in the goodness of our work. And, always, with and from the cultural baggage that making architecture always means (or architecture is culture, it is no longer architecture).

Today no one doubts that, in the same way that we can parameterize a building, know how much it measures, how much it weighs (the famous question that Buckminster Fuller asked Norman Foster, how much your does your building weigh, Mr. Foster? to know everyone, how much our buildings consume and what to do to improve their energy efficiency. In fact, our latest buildings are all “passive house” (CERN buildings comply with what is specified in RT-2012, the strict French regulations) and the last two renovations in Barcelona (the buildings in Travesera-Amigó and in Diagonal 409, have obtained the CS LEED GOLD Certificate energy rating, in renovation, something always more difficult than when it is proposed in buildings of new plant and we can play with the envelopes. In bilingual Spanish / English.

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