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The book collects some of the series of interviews published all of them in the magazine t18 that seek to delve into the relationship between architecture and other bordering disciplines to see how they self-fertilize. In number 1- José Mª Baquero (professor of drawing to talk about the relationship between drawing and architecture, architecture and its representation). In # 2 we interviewed Peter Sulze, executor of the entire legacy of Jean Prouvé (to talk about industrial design and architecture). In No. 3 Jose Mª Bermudez de Castro, Atapuerca paleontologist and Prince of Asturias Award winner, for talking about architecture and the origins of humanity (our primary condition). In number 4 to Fernando Alday, a Chilean painter based in Barcelona, ​​who has some beautiful series on collage cities. In number 6, the result of my last trip to Los Angeles, the interview with Eames Demetrios, filmmaker and grandson of Charles and Ray Eames, to talk about the House in Pallisades (which for many architects is an icon of the 50s in America ) and the work of his grandparents. In issue 7 the interview was made in Madrid with Cristina Iglesias, to talk about how architects and sculptors see space in a different way, on the occasion of her exhibition at the Reina Sofía Museum. In No. 8 to Manuel Gausa, IAAC director, to talk about Architecture and its teaching. In issue 9, she interviews London at Sevil Peach, the designer of Vitra’s offices “The Citizen Office” to talk about interior design and workplaces. In issue 10 he interviews JJ Mera, JJ Barba, Paolo Giardello, Jordi Badia and various editors of Architecture magazines from Spain and Italy, to talk about architecture and its dissemination in the media. In number 11 to Duccio Malagamba and Jordi Bernadó, both extraordinary photographers, to talk about Architecture and Photography. In issue 12, in a monograph on Colombia where I was giving a workshop, he interviewed Simon Vélez to talk about alternative architecture and construction techniques, such as bamboo. In No. 14 to Christian Heintz and Jaume Colom, from Llambi and Gradhermetic companies to talk about the importance of benchmark industrialists in the execution of any work. In issue nº15-16, the double monograph on Barcelona, ​​with a view to talking about sociology, literature and the city, interviews Javier Perez Andújar, author of Paseos con mi madre and Milagro en Barcelona.

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