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Inhabiting, building, thinking … They say of novelists that they are always writing a single novel, like architects that we always do a single work. And, perhaps, it is true. It will not be but with our work, as architects that stablish the small differential facts so we can offer different solutions. Nobody would understand that a writer started his new novel, using the sentence “in a place in X, whose name I don’t want to remember”, whether it be x, Comala, Macondo, Yoknapatawpha, Santamaria, Region, as it was, before, a lost place in La Mancha … Because, although the program does not provide architecture, it is true that it helps, as a starting point. 

The first of the 22 published books includes 37 buildings built, during the first 25 years of the life of our office, divided into Spaces for living (interior design, single-family and collective housing) and Spaces to work (facilities, shopping centers and office buildings), reviews our own production. The book was presented at the Architectural Association. In bilingual Spanish / English 

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