Anna’s apartment

Anna’s apartment

A ground floor apartment in the best area of Sant Cugat of more than 200 m2 and a pe-rimeter terrace with three winds that overlooks the central space of the urbanization where the community pool is located. The apartment must be for the mother and mother-in-law (re-spectively) of a couple of clients for whom we are already making their home. The apartment has 5 bedrooms and we propose you a set of sliding doors that allows you to unify rooms, turning one into a study and can be integrated into the master bedroom and the living room at the same time. But Anna does not want to lose rooms, for the hypothetical day when all her grandchildren come to visit her at the same time. We shorten corridors, generate new visu-als, define the central nucleus of the kitchen and bathrooms, the flush lighting of the various units, the re-cladding of cabinets to give it an air of modernity.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date:  2021
Bernardita Jofre
M²: 190m²
Client: Private client
Constructor: UMA  TRABAL construccions Trabal
Photograph: Jordi Miralles
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