Artisan Brewery Cap d'Ona

An eco-friendly building that keeps the essence of the factory.

The COGEAM contacted us: Cap d’Ona, multi-awarded winning as the best beer worldwide, which wants to relocate their existing industry from Argeles to St. Cyprien, making it three times bigger over a plot at the entrance of town, a floodplain non constructible will defined not only Cap d’Ona’s future but also the gate of the city forever. By the concern of the visual impact such a big building may cause in a place where only small garden houses are settle, we focus also on keeping the essence of the factory, dividing the volume on several parts, as if it was a cottage. We try through different materialities (brick, maple Wood, White plaster… we studied the process and symbolism, architecture as itself and what it represents. We propose a green roof, and bet on a eco-friendly building, generate transitional spaces between public and private, in a way that both gets benefit.

Location: Saint Cyprian, France
Date: 2020
Collaborator: Bernardita Jofre
M²: 3.500 m²
Client: Cap d’Ona (with COGEAM)
Octavio Mestre Arquitectos

Passeig de Sant Joan 84, Pral. 1ª

08009. Barcelona, Spain


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