Blackwood and WIT Headquarters

Circulation is crucial, in order to facilitate the ability to work all together.

The offices occupy an attic in Welbeck St, near Oxford Circus. The offices of both companies share reception, secretary, access to meeting rooms, rest area and reprographic without each have access to the facilities of the other, for a matter of privacy and compliancy. That makes that the study of the circulation is crucial. Blackwood, who occupies most of the area, has two directors at both sides, and separated from the Open Space area through sliding glass doors to facilitate the ability to work all together. The glass partition separating the corridor from the working area is glass with a vinyl that reproduces distorted, the logo of the company.

Location: London, England
Date: 2014 – 2015
Collaborator: Josep Ribas
M²: 200 m²
Client: Levante Capital Partners (Ronny Grosman)
Constructor: Loop Interiors
M&E: F&A LTD (London)
Quantity Surveyor: QS-Local
Photograph: O. Mestre
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