Bonmont Hotel Golf & Spa

A hotel with Spanish style and a fascist architecture from the 1940s.

It is a hotel of almost 18,000 that was stopped by the crisis, 8 years ago, in which we are entrusted with the task of finishing it. The hotel responds to a Florida model of how they see, from America, the Provençal Mediterranean and has an image halfway between a residence “Spanish style” and a fascist architecture from the 1940s. The rooms were already assembled, when we arrived, it was missing to finish the common areas, the access lobby, the spa areas and massage room, the conference rooms, the restaurant and the kitchens and the exteriors, both the access as in the back where there are the pools and the waterfalls with the outdoor bars. To finish a hotel, it implies rethinking it and, above all, adapting the installations to the new Regulation (always changing) and coordinating the work to adjust it in costs and in time, to the necessities of the new land lord.

Location: Tarragona, Spain 
Date: 2017 – 2019
Collaborator: C. Maurette (project manager for OMA)
M²: 32.000 m²
Client: Bonmont Hotel Golf & Spa
Constructor: PENTA
Structure: J. Monte
Quantity Surveyor: X. Pie
Photograph: Jordi Miralles
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