Caja Madrid in Barcelona

We are the fish, the eye that looks…

It happens that a patient that takes many medications improves if they are all removed. And so the first thing to do when you come to renovate an ancient building is cleaning, removing plants face to have zero maintenance, removing colors, both visual noise. After the fury of the deconstruction of the 90’s, more natural forms were imposed. The central element of the project is this amoeba, a “container function” so that is at the same time, law enforcement, information desk, mail and coffee bar to open and close like a real marine element. The great court is an aquarium tank in which the monster lives in the Deep Ocean. We are the fish, the eye that looks… Above, as in the real sea, other fishes swim, round and light up all the reflections of its scales, the afternoon sun. The offices replace their obsolete items that skin, screen or wood slats, which ensures privacy and will become the courtyard facades (the real building facades) in a pixelated skin, emerging from Barceló seas. That the building works better, the lighting is low energy, and the project budget adjustment is something that is taken for granted. It is exciting, we must earn it in every decision.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 2010 – 2011
Coblonal Interiorismo / F. Soppelsa (OMA project manager)
Collaborator: Carlos Maurette
M²: 9.000 m²
Client: Caja Madrid
Video: Franco di Capua
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