Clinic in Tibidabo

Clinic in Tibidabo

The project adapts a small palace from the beginning of the 20th century as a clinic / assisted residence in the upper part of Barcelona. In order to establish a dialogue between the pre-existence and our intervention, we proposed an external staircase in line with what we did at the Olivé Gumà Clinic, even in dialogue with the neighboring clinic, from the same group. But the fact of being cataloged individually complicates everything and we are asked for a more limited intervention. Perhaps it is what corresponds, I am not so sure, given the value in our opinion of the palace, but the truth is that more and more in the procedures we only talk about regulations and more regulations (it is incredible how we have cheated ourselves) , instead of talking about light, space, materiality, memory, changes of uses, history… in short, architecture.


Location : Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Spain
Date :  2022-2023
Co-Author :
Bernardita Jofre, Sofía Simioni
Collaborator : Mariana Fuentes, Nicolle Cassera
M² : 491m²
Promotor : Serveis Clinics
Engineering : Jordi Payola
Builder :
Octavio Mestre Arquitectos

Passeig de Sant Joan 84, Pral. 1ª

08009. Barcelone, Espagne


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