Coworking in Alenya

Coworking in Alenya

An old barn from the XVIII century, under some huge wooden beams, we set up a coworking
for the community. The intervation leads us to open the back facade, and ceiling (today the
interior space is very gloomy), establish a series of cristal modules, many of them moveable to
favour differents locations, accesible moudules through sliding doors that cand be join and relocate. At the end of the enclosure, the is a small bleacher for presentations and community


Location: Alénya, France
Date :  2023
Co-author :
C + D (Cregut + Duport)
Collaborator : Pablo Mera,  Sofía Simioni
M² : 453m²
Promoter : CCSR / Mairie d’Alénya
Engineering : PGI, Alfa & Omega
Builder : Toulouges / ACS / Technobat / Mares
Photography :  Octavio Mestre
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