Crédit Suisse Headquarters

A problem arose once everything was approved.

Through the consulting firm MACE, the Credit Suisse call us to rethink his headquarters, which currently occupies three of the four modules per floor of a building in the upper area of Diagonal and intends to leave one of them, using an Open concept Space. The offices to one side, the rest would be a single work room that will lead to the cafeteria, the true social center of the new implantation. The problem arises when, being everything approved and blessed, we are asked to reduce 40% of the budget, because the client does not consider that office a representative space, so we had to start over and make the things already that were, seem that they were. We try to answer with the greatest possible dignity to the highest customer satisfaction.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 2019
Collaborator: C. Maurette, C. Gerini, and Estefania
M²: 900 m²
Client: Crédit Suisse
Constructor: SOLUCIONS
Quantity Surveyor: MACE (Project Management)
Photograph: Kris Moya
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