Diagonal 409 Refurbishment

A Gold LEED category building that saves up to 40% energy.

In 2002 we already have rehabilitated the building in its entirety, changing its former home use by Modern offices. At that time, the idea was to change sq. meters by cubic meters of light, knocking down the central part of the ancient building, to generate a large courtyard that allowed new views where circulate new panoramic lifts. This time, it comes to a building which has the Gold LEED category in rehabilitation and allows savings of up to 40% energy. So the grey waters are recycled, lights front bays parallel to the facade will have light sensors control, natural ventilation are enhanced and, above all, in terms of passive architecture, we have change the facade joinery for another double glazed façade and thermal break. Anyway, not to change the common areas, for those who knew the building, they would think it has not done anything. So we redesign the main lobby area where we introduce a sinuous wall of wooden slats that accompanies us, we’ve changed the accesses (adapting to new regulations in force), replaced the old elevators by a new generation ones and the wood panelling and stucco patio are replaced.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 2013 – 2015
Collaborator: A Lluch, C Maurette
M²: 4.800 m²
Client: Inmobiliaria Colonial
Constructor: EMTE
M&E: OTP / AB2 / JG (Leed Oro)
Quantity Surveyor: X Pie / INGEA (SS)
Photograph: A. Lluch
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