Dwelling in Sabadell

A new vision of the whole building.

The building collects a draft inherited from other technicians, licensed, to which we needed to turn upside down everything, but trying not only improve the distributions in plant (but without changing the perimeters because the division of new construction was already done), but also change the urban image of the same. Thus is decided take all the building of a skin of aluminium black that shoves, even the apparent middle wall, and change the type of framings and blinds, encouraging a new vision of the whole building. The problem comes when the ramps of the basement aren’t appropriate by law and implies changing all the parking, the electricity ducts to the new distributions neither coincide causing us to make the impossible to adapt some apartments increasingly small, with more facilities and with more regulation to comply. After all without affecting the final image of the whole building.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 2006 – 2008
F. Soppelsa (OMA Project Chief)
M²: 4.400 m²
Client: Gumanel
Constructor: Calagón
Structure: J. Monte
Quantity Surveyor: Darío Sánchez
Photograph: Manu Pineda
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