Fairground of Caracas

Competition to build the new fairgrounds on disused land of a military airport in the center of Caracas.

The project consists of the fairground itself, 16 m high and 115 m long (23,000 ㎡), served by a loading and unloading basement, along its entire length that can be compartmentalized to hold up to four different events, and that it has conference rooms and attached meeting rooms. At the same time, as a head, the auditorium and the restaurant are proposed, as independent pieces (they can work with other hours) but that will share the access hall with triple space. This programmatic use is replicated in its external appearance and its formal representation. While the lobby is presented as a large mouth that sucks us in, the structure of the buildings in the enclosure is reminiscent of the wings of airplanes that are still passing through the environment, trying to solve the project from its symbolic component.

Location: Caracas, Venezuela
Date: 2012 – 2013
Carlos Maurette. M1441 (associated office within GAB)
M²: 35.000 m²
Client: OPPPE
Octavio Mestre Arquitectos

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