Flat in Balmes-Bonanova

Facilities controlled from the mobile.

After years in which we have built outstanding works in various countries, we again perform in our own city “Kitchens and bathrooms” as when we started. Only, 30 years later, we know a little more. Reform of a flat on the upper area of ​​Barcelona where, once their children have flown the nest, seeks a unique atmosphere, leaving out just the master bedroom and a second bedroom with an office use and occasional use of sleeping so when the daughters come to visit them. Furniture designed by us is everywhere. Everything gets thrown around and rebuilt again. Facilities (now controlled from the mobile) are changed, all lights with LED technology, the bathrooms are redone, the steelwork facade is changed to one with much better features, soils are changed, the wood parquet laminar talks with the new Dekton in rust tones pavement under the central island of the kitchen, the true heart of the home. The East orientation of the apartment lets the landlords take breakfast with sun (the sun will reach the bottom of the house).

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 2015 – 2017
Collaborator: Guillermo Díaz
M²: 110 m²
Client: Pedro Martinez
Constructor: Arrels
Photograph: Jordi Miralles
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