Hall of Spain in the Shanghai Expo

The Spanish Brand represented by its folklore, gastronomy, art, beautiful beaches, and its football.

Spanish Pavilion at Expo of Shanghai, one of the most representative of EMBT team that was pardoned after the closing of the Exhibition, has lost all his wicker skin, because not being treated, has finally rot. In these circumstances, a Chinese company has reassumed to operate the empty building to raise awareness of the Spanish Brand among Chinese people, a Brand based on folklore (flamenco), gastronomy, art (painting and architecture), the beautiful beaches and football (we must say that the subject of these fifth area was decided before the World Cup in Brazil was played). With the intention to help and alleviate pollution in Shanghai (pollution is one of the major problems of current Chinese cities) and in memory of the original wicker, we have presented an option to transform the current mass of iron into a green facade. We even have built façades prototypes molds. Project undertaken in collaboration with Vivers Ter.

Location: Shanghai, China
Date: 2015
F. Soppelsa (project manager for OMA)
Collaborator: Viveros del Ter
M²: 1.000 m²
Client: Chinese private customer
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