“Inmobiliaria Colonial” Headquarters

A cube which works.

The biggest challenge in remodeling the headquarters of Inmobiliaria Colonial was not carrying out the work itself, nor in thinking up the compartmentalization for the ever-changing staff of nearly a thousand workers, nor in designing the furnishing, nor even transforming the former trading floor into 3 floors of underground parking (when the neighboring buildings did not have parking areas)… The greatest difficulty came in carrying out a 19.400 ㎡ project while more than 900 people worked inside, moving them from one side to another for nearly five years and keeping everything working smoothly, without having a hard time of it all.

The vestibule, stairwell, the integration of the new marquee to the original curtain wall and the meeting halls constitute the expressive desires of the proposal. The rest will be a completely neutral: “a cube which works”.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 1996 – 2000
Collaborator: P. Vivas, Leo Machicao
M²: 19.400 m²
Client: Inmobiliaria Colonial
Constructor: Xedex
M&E: JG (Joan Viñals)
Structure: BOMA (R. Brufau)
Quantity Surveyor: Ricard Ferrer / AC – Joan Gurri
Photograph: Lluis Sans
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