Homero street apartments

A facade that blends with the neighbouring buildings.

The building has its entrance through an adjoining building, so as to not lose any of the space that giving it street access would entail. The 12% courtyard space that the building code sets is divided into a small service airshaft – used to hang laundry – and a large central courtyard separated from the stairwell area by floor-to-ceiling silicone glass, visually blending into the complex, making it the true heart of the project, with its silent hydraulic elevator rising up through the space. The facade is made of hand-lain solid brick in order to blend in with the neighbouring buildings. The placement of openings is such that the entire complex reads like a single large opening, random and variable in appearance, according to the position that the blinds are in.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 1995 – 1997
Collaborator: Pepe Vivas
M²: 1.479 m²
Client: Lebeter SL (Rafael de Avilés)
Constructor: P. Management
Structure: BOMA
Quantity Surveyor: Ricard Ferrer / Andreu Mata
Photograph: Lluis Sans
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