Hormipresa Prototype

The project aims to exploit the technological possibilities of the system to the maximum, giving a personal stamp to the product.

With the company Hormipresa, leader in the sector of prefabricated concrete houses, we signed a contract for, within its Signature Villas program, to develop prototypes to build in series among the single-family housing projects that we have developed that would not have been carried out. We selected, for the occasion, a promotion that could be adapted to all types of terrains, just by moving the angle of the dividing wall between plots.

In this second case, what we are asked for is a prototype, specially designed for them, that we can build on standard plots, with houses of 8 and 7 meters in length. Separating an area from a height that would work as an office, guest room or Air B & B, with autonomy from the house, the house is a parallelepiped in which the PB is dedicated to the kitchen, dining and living area, above, are the rooms, one master en suite and the other two sharing a bathroom. The plant makes clear which the service parts are and those served. The rough concrete part is located on the upper floor, on the smooth concrete part to generate a certain visual instability. The windows of the bathrooms are camouflaged behind perforated panels. The whole house has shutters that are hidden between the walls.

Location: Anywhere
Date: 2019
Collaborator: Chiara Gerini
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