Housing complex at Toulouse

Impressiveness towards the street and domesticity on the inside.

The project, fruit of the first Eurorex agreement between Spain and France, designed two blocks set around a courtyard, understood to be the element relating the two. Impressiveness towards the street and domesticity on the inside, the rear block embraces the front, and as it is lower, allows sun into the common space. With the Oiza housing unit on the M-30 and a project done in San Feliu with a single slope as its closest references, the complex creates apartments with one, two and three bedrooms, favoring maximum flexibility in the floor plan, grouping together downspouts to economize operations, enhancing diagonal sightlines to make the rooms appear larger, and complying with a strict building code in such a way that everything that we were obliged to do appears to be done of our own free will. By winning first prize for social housing (1993), it has been widely published.

Location: Toulouse, France
Date: 1989 – 1992
Collaborator: Pepe Vivas, Sonia Blasco, Xavier Valls. Calvó-Tran Van (local partner)
M²: 2.200 m²
Client: Le Nouveau Logis Meridionel
Constructor: Alderotti
Photograph: O. Mestre (models)
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