La Jonquera Shopping Centre

A new skin for the existing structures with natural lightening everywhere.

Our proposal won the restricted competition that was organised by the landlord when The subject was the construction of a new Outlet in addition to an old structure constructed in the plot besides, to allow a huge commercial retail area, the possibility to join both of them allowed us to have a complex of 74.000 m² with a single façade of 400 meters long.

The project proposes a new skin for the existing structures and a new building connected through a new indoor square. Natural lighting is provided everywhere. Other two squares are projected, one in front of the Outlet and, the other one, in the rear façade, where it would be the new Buffet area within its private garden.

Location: La Jonquera, Spain
Date: 2009 – 2013
Collaborator: A. Lluch, F. Soppelsa, J. Ribas, C. Maurette, G. Díaz, E. Vignolo
M²: 80.000 m² (56.000 m² in 1st phase)
Client: INVEST Jonquera_ Grup Escudero
Constructor: PM (EDETCO GESTIÖ)
M&E: JG / Josep Massachs (DO) / Doymo (Lic Ambiental)
Structure: J. Monte
Quantity Surveyor: EDETCO GESTIÖ
Photograph: Lluis Sans
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