Las Salesas Residences

Las Salesas Residences

We just want to thank the City Council that after seeing the project and the intention of the property, they invited us to do a Detail Study to, without gaining m2, raise one more floor, to better distribute the interiors of the rooms and, incidentally, cover the party walls of the adjoining buildings. When you act in a smart, way, everyone wins. Of course, when there are no financial resources, the works end up not being done.


Emplazamiento : Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Spain
Fecha :  2022
Co-Autor :
Bernardita Jofre
Colaborador : Mariana Fuentes Pieruccini – Sofía Simioni
M² : 2800m²
Promotor :
Ingeniería :
Octavio Mestre Arquitectos

Passeig de Sant Joan 84, Pral. 1ª

08009. Barcelone, Espagne


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