“Le Mex” Restaurant

A Mexican restaurant in the new port of Barcelona, near the beach.

The locale had two entrances, one from the boardwalk through a spiral staircase lined with corten steel that looked like a submarine, and another from the beach across the sand. The locale combines designs element of an old cantina, similar to that the chain uses in the south of France. The floor is polished dyed cement, while the rough walls emulate old stucco, typical of haciendas. The washrooms, a client imposition, are lined with posters of naked women from the 50’s, echoing a trucker aesthetic, much in the way a few old painted barrels let you have a drink standing up, underneath the electrical installation open to view.

The locale no longer exists, much like the Virgin Megastore or so many of the shop interior projects we have done, reminding us once again how fragile interior design can be.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 1998
Christian Roux (Property arch)
Collaborator: Pep Vivas
M²: 860 m²
Constructor: GAMA / Arrels / Climaterm
M&E: JG (Joan Viñals)
Structure: BOMA (R. Brufau)
Photograph: Lluis Sans
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