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Sewing the front with the back…

Fifteen years have passed since our intervention of global definition of CC, but someone has sold to the property the idea that a CC must be renewed in its entirety every so often, that if we spend € 10M, the center is revalued in 100 , in case of sale (something that is only understood when one knows that, who speaks thus, charges a percentage on that theoretical heritage increase … regardless of the fact that the paper holds everything). We can say that the property had already commissioned us, three years ago, a new façade to the park, when, pressed by its partners, it was forced to call a contest. We were told that the project would be done yes or yes and that we would win it … or us. Who knows his daughter better than his father? And you are the father…

We doubled structure, we mortgaged everything to that contest for three months, I believe I had done the best project in 30 years of professional practice … a project in which biophilia was mixed (we also designed the park making green enter in the center in the form of vertical gardens) with the new technologies of the leading companies (again the proposed lighting and those swimmers swimming in projections of holograms, it was the most spectacular) … we created prototypes of false ceilings and bandeaux and we took samples 1: 1 made by our best industrialists. But we did not win… Without doubting the goodness of the competition (we haven’t seen the project), losing it was hard. Now (two of two) we just hope it does not happen again…

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 2018 – 2019
Co-Author: C. Maurette (Project manager by OMA)
Collaborator: A Lluch, J Ribas, Chiara Gerini, Irene Yal
M²: 15.000 m² + Exterior park
Client: SCCE / SACRESA + Winterthur
M&E: Ca2l (Lighting C)
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