MAD contest in Mendoza

Two projects that come from the earth, as the vineyards do.

A contest you know you will never win it, but we present ourselves to exercise fingers, a contest on the other side of the world, in which we were asked for the construction of two buildings: one using as a wine museum (the wines of Mendoza’s area is recognised worldwide) and the second one: a bar and restaurant where you can taste it, making different events. Two separate buildings, but they must help punctuate the city, from our intervention. With the intention that speak the same language, but at the same time both were sufficiently different, the projects come from the earth, as the vineyards, to configure a corten steel structure, half indoor, half outdoor, people occupy and filled with life.

Location: Mendoza, Argentina
Date: 2013
Collaborator: Carlos Maurette / Albert Serrano
M²: 2.900 m²
Octavio Mestre Arquitectos

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