Museum of the Biosphere in Lanzarote

The project aims to integrate as a geode in the frame.

The Volume cannot compete with its neighbours, but it can do it in class. It will shine under our omnipresent Canary Islands’ sun from its roundness (geometry has something to light). The building proposes to concentrate access in one of its sides, connecting the two streets with a public passage to bridge the gap between them, while the dividing wall is transformed into a vegetable garden. In the covered area for the access, an aquarium light will flood the whole entrance, while local fish float us (like birds flying), representing the fish fauna of the island in all its biodiversity, groupers, mullets, peje green and croakers. On the other hand, extruded aluminum panels will filter the light holes, as if it were bubbles of the same fish. The building itself becomes a symbol. Implementing the program and responding to the needs, the value is the soldier, who is supposed to. The basement files for the ground floor museum, temporary exhibitions at the first floor and the second (lower in height) administrative use, seem to fit within a logic operation. The building is reunited with the sky on the cover and a hole in the front façade allows us to see the sea in all its breadth, from the terrace bar open air. The future is thirsty for new horizons. The building has no own parking and will not favor the use of car exits. It is not the richest who has more, is the least needed. The building aims to be an exercise in formal coherence.

Location: Lanzarote, Spain
Date: 2011
Guillermo Díaz (project manager)
M²: 500 m²
Client: Cabildo de Lanzarote
Octavio Mestre Arquitectos

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