Mutua Madrileña Headquarters in Barcelona

A dialogue built, that respects the true sense of the Building Code.

The 3.800㎡ Mutua Madrileña headquarters at the junction of Ronda Universidad and Plaza Catalunya signifies the disembarking of the Mutual in Barcelona. The project opted to open a large courtyard in the rear of the building to create a dialogue with the existing structures in the anteroom of the former bank, around which the 200 work stations were arranged. Encouraging diagonal sightlines to help make the space look bigger and bringing light into the cavernous space to improve the working conditions of its occupants were the mottos and strengths of the project. A suspended steel cube hangs over the patio to be used as a waiting room. The restoration of the first floor’s “noble area”, conserved and transformed into the management offices and boardroom, the terrace and the original rear facade, and even the uncovering of the old forged iron structure which had been hidden away, helped us act in respect to the true sense of the Building Code, with whom we create a dialogue in our renovation.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 2005 – 2006
F. Soppelsa (project manager)
M²: 3.800 m²
Client: Mútua Madrileña
Constructor: Comarva XXI
M&E: PROMEC (Ismael Albarrán)
Structure: BOMA (C. Jaen)
Quantity Surveyor: Marta Guillén (MM)
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