New look for the “Punto Blanco” shops

Large containers with built-in movable mirrors.

In its desire to break into the market with its own shop, renew or die, Punto Blanco called a bid to define a new look for its franchise stores, which our proposal happened to win. Black-and-white resin flooring, the firm’s corporate colors, was installed which had a network of points built in, some with LED signals and others with holes using the Area 35 system to permit the flexible fixture placement and rearrangement. The walls were understood to be large containers with built-in movable mirrors, which give them depth while they transform into virtual dressing rooms. All the furnishings were designed, as well as a shop window system, and the integration of the signage from an aspect that aimed to be as elegant as the quality of the brand it represented. Nearly fourteen shops with their respective variants have been built in the first year and half.

Location: 17 in various capitals of Spain
Date: 2004 – 2007
J. Ribas (project manager)
Client: Industrias Valls SA
Constructor: Various builders
Photograph: Lluis Sans
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