Octavio Mestre Architects Office

A domestic atmosphere located in a late 19th-century building.

The studio, located in a late 19th-century building, aims to conserve the building characteristics and update it to a new use. The Catalan hydraulic tiles were recovered and only replaced in badly-damaged areas. The original moldings were kept, making sure the other ones for electrical cables to pass behind blended in, a kitchenette was installed, the patio was recovered, and an archival space was created, with the large halls facing the street being kept as work areas. Inside, a loft was built to make a guest apartment, a “pied à terre” for the many friends who come, and also a workshop to make models. The office enhances the diagonal sightlines and the double circulation between the various rooms. The place aims to create a domestic atmosphere, because what can be better than working so many hours of the day than in the comfort of home?.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 1998 – 1999
Collaborator: Efrem Lopez
M²: 240 m²
Client: Octavio Mestre
Constructor: P. Management (OM) – Arrels
Structure: J. Monte
Photograph: Lluis Sans
Octavio Mestre Arquitectos

Passeig de Sant Joan 84, Pral. 1ª

08009. Barcelona, Spain


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