Offices Diagonal 409

A building with a stainless steel lining heart.

The conviction that a more beautiful building is rented out at a better price brought us to exchange square meters for “meters of light” and create a grand central courtyard (whose stainless steel lining makes it seem even bigger) to make it the true heart of the building. The need to give the building the maximum amount of flexibility, as the final occupant was not known, led to the demolition of any interior walls and having to brace the exterior walls with a complex structural system. An enormous glass skylight presides over the complex where silent panoramic elevators go up and down.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 2002 – 2004
Collaborator: F. Soppelsa, A. Lluch, L. Machicao
M²: 4.800 m²
Client: Inmobiliaria Colonial
Constructor: Xedex
M&E: PGI / AB2
Structure: BOMA (C. Jaen)
Quantity Surveyor: Argos (PM) / BCM
Photograph: Joan Mundó
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