Offices in the Mapfre Tower

Finalist in the FAD Award of 1994 in the interior design category.

With its entrance through the center, a large stainless steel counter has on one side a trading floor area and the management offices to the other, separated by screens and sliding cabinets which allow for the offices to be freely arranged. The desks were designed to be used as a work space or a boardroom table, according to their position, and the pillars were lined in stainless steel to make them disappear. A fiber optic lighting system was suggested to produce an effect of a star-filled sky over the sea, and a series of stainless steel pieces were incrusted in the industrial parquet flooring which should have been integrated the final solution. The offices were intended for a newly-created brokerage company which was never even able to start up, with the consequential closing and dismantling of the facilities. Finalist in the FAD Award of 1994 in the interior design category, we thought about why we hadn’t presented in the section of ephemeral installations.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 1993 – 1994
Collaborator: Shaun Pilgrem
M²: 640 m²
Client: ABI (Ass Bursátil Internacional)
Constructor: P. Management (various)
Photograph: Duccio Malagamba
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