Olimpic Villas, Font Romeu

It’s about building a horizon which integrates the construction with nature.

A real estate development propose a land that discreetly rises, hiding the double-height houses, as mountains shelters, leaving the magnificent landscape in sight. Different typologies are studied to facilitate a mixed and attractive product, all of them served by an underground parking. The Project skips all types of regulations, although the agency in need for the approval has told the city-hall that if the project is better than regulations allows, whats needs to change are the laws, not the Project itself. What matters most is always to save the beauty of things. The complex Will be host to the Winter Olympics games Paris 2025, if the candidacy of Pirineos is chosen.

Location: Font Romeu, France
Date: 2020
Collaborator: C. Maurette (project manager for OMA)
M²: 8.200 m²
Client: Gerard Molins
Octavio Mestre Arquitectos

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08009. Barcelona, Spain


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