Paddock Shopping Center Reform

The project aims and proposes a complete reorganization of the center.

The new French owner of the CC who bought it at auction saw the project we had drafted six years earlier, in the old center website and contacted us. With a smaller budget (the real difference is not in the budget to spend, but in doing or not doing the work) the project aims under that ㎡ on the ground floor has a higher market value than those located on the second floor, cover part of the current courtyards and open up more diaphanous plants. The project aims and proposes a complete reorganization of the center. So the facilities are modernized (air curtains are installed on doors and new measures are set fire, the air conditioning system is changed and obsolete installations are removed), current ceilings are eliminated, going to paint the floors of black , under which suspend a tensioned fabrics that will serve as light diffusers, stretching space in all directions. The project foresees also change the glazing, design logos, integrate signage, naturally and treat the outdoor areas of access to the center, as part of the center itself.

Location: Sabadell, Spain
Date: 2009 – 2010 / 2016 – 2019
Albert Lluch
Collaborator: Guillermo Díaz
M²: 3.500 m²
Client: Keys to Paddock SL
Constructor: Rubau (1st phase) / PENTA (2nd phase)
Structure: J. Monte
Quantity Surveyor: X. Pie
Photograph: Jordi Miralles
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