Pedralbes Centre's New Refurbishment

A known project that required an update to the previous intervention… a zen practice.

The Pedralbes Shopping Center has been, for several years, a classic in our office, a kind of scholarship in which each x time we have been asked to act in one part or another, before and after to conduct a thorough renovation between 2006-2008. This time the project is based on covering the outside porches, running the floor area that the legislation grants the plot (the glazing lags pillar not to interfere with the original architecture of the building), redefine the two lobbies access to the office building (generating double-height spaces), prepare the premises before the advent of a multi-chain and run a Food Court, under the back square with a greater openness than the current entry, which looks like a metro stop, inviting to come inside to the passersby. That’s always the hardest thing in any business, getting people inside. Each new commission on another you did before, requires you to modify the preexistence… that’s very zen. Japanese people destroyed and rebuilt Temple Ise, trying to remember human frailty and prevent from stupid pride…

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 2017 – 2019
Co-Author: A. Lluch
Collaborator: Gärna (Interior design)
M²: 1.712 m²
Client: Inmobiliaria Colonial
Constructor: PENTA
Quantity Surveyor: INGEA (SS)
Photograph: Kris Moya
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