Renovation of “Muebles Tarragona”

Finalist in the “Biennial of Spanish Architecture” (1993–1994).

Renovation of the former “Muebles Tarragona” building to make 11,600 ㎡ of rental office (today headquarters of the Labor Ministry for the Generalitat, the Catalan autonomous government). The camouflaging for the excessive original volumetry to integrate it into the urban fabric and adjoining buildings made it worthy of being a finalist in the “Biennial of Spanish Architecture” (1993–1994). The ventilated facade facing the street, whose two stone facades were cut back at the corners, as if the rock itself had been cut with a knife, to allow the interior to be seen, contrasts with abstract play of metal walkways on the south facade. These lead to the inner courtyard where a series of trees flower at different times of year to indicate the season we are currently in, a sort of floral clock.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 1990 – 1993
Joan Pascual (PB)
Collaborator: X. Valls, Eudald Perez
M²: 11.600 m²
Constructor: CUBIERTAS y MZOV
Structure: ENSER
Quantity Surveyor: EDETCO
Photograph: Duccio Malagamba
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