Renovation of several apartments

A new balance created by adding new modern elements.

Splendid 1900 building with single-flat of 280 m² per plant, in which we will work in two of its plants converting them into four apartments for rent. Since the height of the Building, every floor has a loft connected to the kitchens, the old rooms of the service, according to typology of that time which, in our case, will be transformed into studios. The construction is in very good condition. To create a new balance it will be enough to add new modern elements such as the kitchen, staircase and new windows. 

It is surprising to see that a project that, could have been approved with a notice, gets a lot more complicated just cause we planned one apartment instead of one for each floor.  It has been really hard to obtain the approval from the municipality, so much that it made us think that maybe we are building a society with too many restrictions and laws, without common sense, daughter of fear.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 2018 – 2019
Collaborator: C. Gerini, C. Brenca
M²: 270 m² x 2 floors
Client: Levante Capital Partners / Colliers
Constructor: PENTA / Suris
Structure: J. Monte
Photograph: Kris Moya
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