Saint Cyprien Port

Saint Cyprien Port

St Cyprien Port its been the son of the 60s development policy, which is deteriorating.
Aware of this and by knowing our last project for Helskinski port reform, the local major invited us to give some ideas for its transformation. Following the AMO (Assistance à Maitrise d´Ouvrage), sign by the COGEAM, we propose to design a unique paving, to endows uniformity to whole place, where the new vegetation will be set, as the urban elements we planned (benchs, lightningn, even an access sculpture in a way of beeing a door to the harbour, the fish market, and a stair that plunge into the sea, filling the place with mistery. The premises new treatment on the ground floor, will go up the walls and define a new facade of slats creating a balcony, as a double skin.

Location: Saint Cyprien, France
Date: 2021
Collaborator: Bernardita Jofre, Pablo Mera, Sofía Simioni
Octavio Mestre Arquitectos

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