Saint Gaudens Media Library

The building will bring together the School of Music, Media Library and Auditorium.

The building at Saint Gaudens was considered as a regional equipment and a result of a two-round competition in which we have been selected, along with two teams of 64 participants. The building should incorporate the pre-existence of a nineteenth-century mansion (Maison Durand) that gives thru the Boulevard, opposite the parking lot, the natural gateway to the historic arrival, and the Plaza de St Jean. The gap of 4 meters from the Plaza ant the Boulevard suggested making a public passage through a staircase that will become the very steps of the auditorium. In this way, release the upper floors for other uses more private and The Media Library School, who will have access from the Plaça de Sant Jean, with a portico area, defined as a meeting place, protected from the rain. Thus, the boundaries of the building and the city dissolve into the building on both sides, a building that wants to be and generate city.

The School of Music occupies the ground floor (height 6.80 m), while the Media Library will occupy the Durand Maison and the top floor that sewn together (elevation 10.20 m). La Maison Durand is rehabilitated to understand it as a volume, not as simple or decorated skin (that’s misunderstand the history). Are that Maison and the strict rules of French accessibility which rules and determine the levels of modern building. However, the language of contemporary architecture that we propose is befitting our time, more monumental façade in the domestic Boulevard and the medieval setting of the square. The new building is separated by paths of the preexisting plaques as a sign of respect but is forcefully where it should be so.

Location: St. Gaudens, France
Date: 2011
Calvó & Tran Van
Collaborator: Guillermo Díaz
M²: 2.000 m²
Octavio Mestre Arquitectos

Passeig de Sant Joan 84, Pral. 1ª

08009. Barcelona, Spain


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