School of Music and Dance of Andratx City Hall

A project to reuse an old rural school for music classrooms.

A semi-buried auditorium was installed in front of the classroom that was in turn used for ground contention in the construction of an outdoor plaza to celebrate bonfires or outdoor concerts and performances. Both buildings had different non-orthogonal geometric shapes which met in a staircase to resolve the difference in levels. Both are lined by stone or metal sheets thus disfiguring their volumetry. The old roof of the school was raised and broken in such a way that a north-facing longitudinal skylight was installed to run the length of the hallway that accessed the classrooms. When the company which commissioned us for the project went bankrupt, it was finally underwritten by the municipal architect, who took over handling the project.

Location: Majorca, Spain
Date: 2000 – 2001
Collaborator: Efrem López
M²: 1.800 m²
Client: Andratx City Council
Quantity Surveyor: Andreu Mata
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