Shopping Centre in Lleida

The biggest project we have had to face, 130.000 m². 

It is known that every train station built throughout the XIX century, supposed a disrupt in the urban fabric, dividing it in two different cities, bearly communicated with each other. Within the intentions on repairing this, the mall pretends to built itself over the railways (as the Falling water House is built over the waterfall, or La Casa del Puente over the river, taking advantage on the drama of the location) therefore providing a dinamic pole over the area. Two guidelines define this project, on one hand the railways itself, on the other perpendicularly the urban fabric. A fingers over the landscape act as a cover to the building. The antic building is recovered in memory of the city where the main entrances will be placed. The office tower as the emblema, seems to move towards the speed of the train. This is the biggest project we had to face, 130.000 ㎡. Being from Lleida, the city I left 43 years ago, to achieve my studies in Barcelona, and not coming back since then, to return with such a topic, makes me think about the end of a cycle, about curves that close. Not bad, anyways.

Location: Lleida, Spain
Date: 2020 – In progress
Noemi Bañeres (local partner) C. Maurette (project manager)
Collaborator: Bernardita Jofre
M²: 120.000 m² (70.000 m² SBA)
Client: Smart havent / SCCE
Structure: Jordi Payola
Quantity Surveyor: To define
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