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We never wanted to be specialists in anything (let others be), but the truth is that many have us for it. In this country, you win a competition for a library, a court or a school and you end up building libraries, courts or schools… We built the first Virgin Megastore in Spain, (in that work you would discover what a Project Manager, a Quantity Surveyor was and how, in other parts of the world, people made it in other ways, more complicated and, not for that, better)… From there, they invited us to design the headquarters of the FNAC in a building in Plaza Catalunya that ended up not being (at the last moment, another company bought the building) and, years later, we were invited to participate in the competition that was called on the occasion of the reform of L´Illa Diagonal and that we won. Later, the SCCE (the Society of Shopping Centers of Spain) would invite us to carry out the reform project of the CC l´Anec Blau, the specific reform of the Magic Badalona, ​​the reform of the PADDOCK Boulevard or the CC Costa Brava, outside the competition which was the commission of the CC Gran Jonquera, the greatest work we have ever faced… When they recommended us to design the corporate image of the Punto Blanco stores in Spain, they told the client that we were not specialists in Retail, but that we would make them discover needs that they didn’t even know they had… what a beautiful definition of what the work of an architect must be!… It is curious that architects have to win everything by competition, when I do not do a dentist competition, when a tooth hurts. 

That one work leads to another is obvious. Only with the premise of never repeating itself, one always strives to determine what the problem is in each case (in the basement of l´Illa Diagonal it was to maintain continuity and bring light to the cavern, in the Pedralbes Center, the treatment epidermal of the center understood as a container and enhance access, in La Jonquera visually reduce the dimension and favor the inner movement of people… different solutions, but always aimed at creating the optimal framework to develop its function. In bilingual Spanish / English.

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